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Welcome to the all important NEWS page. Here is where you come to get all the latest updates on what's going on with the band. You can talk to Ali, Loughlin, Steven, Ben, Kata and Mike as they reveal what's basically going on in their everyday lives. Each member of the group lives a typically normal life away from music and that journey is changing everyday. We want you to be able to get close to us and so we will be adding a chat window and individual blogs for each member of the group that will link directly to their Facebook and Twitter pages. We will also host an international Guestbook for our overseas FANS to post questions or ideas to the group that we can then see and respond to the following day.  We will also post any You Tube video updates and the upload of any new clips or back stage banter so you will always know about any FREE giveaways, crowd funding campaigns and live and touring information before it goes public on our Facebook, Bandpage, Twitter and Soundcloud profiles.

Recording the NEW Album "The Navigators"
We want to give you some insight into the recording process so you can share the journey. In January 2014 the band hired in a rake of quality Pre Amps, Studio Mics and enough cabling to wire Abbey Road and set this up in conjunction with Steven Harris' home studio gear and Logic 10s operating system to begin tracking the new album. "The Navigators" Within (4) days Loughlin had tracked the drums LIVE for some twelve new tracks and then it was guitars, guitars and more guitars to create the flesh around the tunes. Julian then spent two days tracking all the bass parts and putting down a few basic vocal guides for later recording. Steven then played some amazing live piano on his Baby Grand before laying down some off the wall psychedelic synths to complete the raw arrangements. Georgia then lent her vocal magic to the tunes and tracked over a period of a good week the lead vocals on most of the tunes. Within two weeks the basic meat and potatoes of the tunes were solid and sounding balanced. We then spent time on Julian's lead vocals as well as Steven and Mikes BV's to complement the rest of the lead vocals. Georgia then came in to do her own BV's, meanwhile in NY Ryan Kelly our producer and Kata Ruszic, our touring lead vocalist, lay down main vocal tracks for Blindness, Viracocha and the epic Secrecy. We then took a few days off before inviting session violinist Jane Coleman to track her classical magic on both The Fountain and The Hydra which came up really great. We then spent additional days doing guitar and keyboard overdubs as well as all the slide work Mike did on the Floyd classic "Echoes"  which was a work in progress over a four week period. It was now time to lay down the delicate vocal tones for Echoes and this was undertaken by both Georgia and Mike in a duet style and the whole session was recorded on video to form a major part of the Docudrama which exceeded all our expectations.  The songs were then basically edited, arranged and roughly balanced to send to Ryan in NY for his review and comments. A few days later we got the word back from the powers that be in the US to say that we were on track to release a milestone album and that the mixing process was going to be meticulous and far reaching so to sit tight while things slowly came together in the Big Apple. It's now May 1st 2014 and the album is nearing completion and Echoes has just been sent to Pete Maher at Topfloor in London for mastering. The album has now been signed to Dynamik Records in Ireland and will be distributed in the UK, Ireland and Western Europe by Universal. The first single, Lady Isis will be released on September 29th 2014 and a follow up single TBC will be released in late November. The double album which comprises, the studio album "The Navigators" and the LIVE EP "Live at the Thornbury Theater" will be released mid to late January 2015 on limited edition Vinyl format CD in a special fold out gatefold Digipak with a few bonus items so look out for updates on all that shortly.
Producing the LIVE Album in Australia and NYC
In August 2013 Transference set up a major live showcase at The Thornbury Theater in Melbourne and gave away over 400 FREE tickets to the performance which set new standards in both audio and visual presentation for the venue and landed a lot of quality press as a result. A full Digital OB console was bought in by Wired 4 Sound and FOH was mixed by Eddie Schleiffer while a 5 meter LED screen was supplied by Lighting Lab (Box Hill) and the visuals were handled by Jamie Robinson of Lupine Lighting to create a cutting edge visual spectacular. The result was a 10 track 32 channel live capture to Pro Tools HD and with great audience response to the show the ambience and energy of the Live performance was captured with precision.

The tracks were then imported to Steven Harris' Logic X pro studio and with simple compression and limiting both Mike Puskas and Steven Harris were able to further balance the individual tracks to the point where arrangement mixes were ready to send to our Producer Ryan Kelly at RSK Audio in NY for mixing. The high res 24bit 48k WAV files were then consolidated and uploaded to the cloud for Ryan to weave his magic. By December of 2013 the tracks were ready for presentation and from the 10 performance tunes six were chosen as the best to present on the LIVE album. The results of Ryan's mixing and mastering work were amazing and we are now very proud to include it as a bonus CD with the purchase of the new studio album.

What's Next
Stay tuned for regular updates as the six week PR and Publicity campaign kicks in to really push and launch the brand into the UK market. We can already confirm that our distributor Universal will be sending the singles to the BBC regional radio networks for review. Keep this channel locked on your radar as things are about to get crazy....

Oh and last but not least hope you all like the new look to our website ie the backdrop which was provided by DyNamik Records & our new banner was also commissioned by DyNaMik Records to give an image overhaul to reflect a better presentation of our sound. Our graphic designer has modified the artwork to include the band in silhouette & we are using it for the cover artwork of the live bonus tracks which will accompany the studio album.


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