Who Are We?

Transference is a new modern day Psychedelic incarnation that features a core musical unit and features guest vocalists from all around the world. To put it simply Transference takes a musical fusion of Pink Floyd meets Tangerine Dream approach to the song writing and production style and delivers it with the pomp and ceremony of a Rick Wakeman theatrical spectacular. Dare to dream, dare to cast off the shackles of conformity, stand up and say No.... these are some of the premises visited during a "Transference" transformational performance experience. Coupled with state of the art visual technology, healing vibration though the purity of water the band intends to raise performance art to a whole new level in 2016. In a world fuelled with duality and pain we could go on about how popular we are and how many likes we have on Facebook and Twitter and views on You Tube but to us that makes no sense at all so why bother... Instead let me take you on a first hand journey on what it means to mother universe to be attracted to the healing magic that is Transference.
Transference - The New Paradigm

In order to understand how we can in a collective consciousness change the world around us we need to understand the code of our past. Back in ancient times where the people lived in a matriarchal society filled with love and harmony the great Megalithic structures served as harmonic generators that took the existing harmony of the oneness of the peoples pure heart energy with the land and amplified it. Nothing has really changed other than the perception of what that means in today's landscape and the terminology we associate with it's meaning within the language and actions of every day life. I believe that we the musicians and story tellers of earth are the new "Harmonic Generators" of today.


Look at where we are now today. Lost in a sea of distraction and forced to conform to the rigors of technology that rule our lives everyday on our smart phones and draws us into more intense duality and distraction in all that we see, hear, say and do everyday. With this said let's look at music in it's current context. The past model and paradigm of the charting artist and the trending genre supported by social networking slave mainstays like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr are done and dusted. The fact that the pedigree of an artist speaking their truth is gauged publicly by a thumbs up pictograph known as a like is the most pathetic emergence of Narcissism in this generation, and spiritual language healers like Transference refuse to be a part of it. So what now?


We are taking the resonant frequency of 528kh inherent in our music which is best described as a gentle wave of pure energy lapping the shore of consciousness. Embedding the live sound with Binaural beats and Solfeggio frequency's of the heart and crown Chakra with Beta, Alpha, Theta, Gamma and Delta modes including the all powerful healing 963 Alpha frequency which is the tuned drone of the bass drum, the bass guitar, bass synth and lower register of the guitar and the vocal we will present a unique mix of subliminal healing sonic vibration with the natural lay lines of the earth. We are taking this pure amplified energy to the indigenous people of South Africa, South America, Mexico and the veritable building blocks of Native American Indian culture in 2016. 


To demonstrate this in real time we will be taking the properties of pure water from each region and energizing it with the positive intent and natural earth energy inherent in the melodies of our music. We already know that water has memory and contains an imprint of it's origins and the information it has collected along it's journey to our eager mouths. Water that originates from a pure source that flows in natural harmony with the landscape arrives at it's destination with an imprint of love, harmony, balance and clarity. Water that undertakes a sanitizing and machine made purification process for consumption is imprinted with violence, shock and a futility to rediscover it's purity and therefore arrives at our mouths as dead with no nutritional or spiritual value whatsoever. It is our intention to use the vibration in our music to re-educate those lost to the rigors of duality. This is our divine mission in life and the only way we can document this in a physical way is to travel to where the people and the land itself share a unified purity together. We are offering each and every individual beholden to our "Sound and color experiment" a chance to heal themselves through the power and divine nature of music. 

The Bigger Picture


Let us imagine for one moment of clarity a forecast into the future and a new age where people become the new harmonic generators of the planet. A family beholden to sickness and poverty and a true lack of all abundance arrives at the musical center of purity and truth, A sacred site on mother Gaia earths plane to witness an opportunity to change perception and heal themselves. Each person receives some natural water sealed in a small vacuum tube (think ice lollies for children) Easy to open the experience begins with a chant to mother Goddess to bring spiritual balance to the energy center and then continues with cutting edge visuals to stimulate both the once dumbed down aural and visual senses and heighten awareness of one's place in this special environment. 


As the performance continues the natural blending of organic instruments with more modern psychedelic exploratory sounds (think Jimi Hendrix) and local tribal beats and sonic frequency's coupled with Solfeggio healing tones the sacred space is transformed into a giant circle of unified consciousness and the healing intent begins. The more one manifests their desire in the space for health and well being, love and compassion, patience and understanding and a desire to remove themselves from their conditioning the deeper the healing experience becomes. The audience made up of tribes people and star children is now imprinting the water in their hands with this manifested intent and a sense of general well being now becomes apparent in the sacred space. People are jumping up and down, dancing in unified harmony with the earth and even verbally expressing their feeling of joy to those around them.


At the conclusion of the experiment (the performance) the band in collective consciousness chant a further empowerment into the space and as the music dies down and naturally fades into the distance the people drink the water and ingest the purity of spirit that THEY generated organically in the space and they walk away healed and ready to move their lives forward. It is our intention to take these intimate gatherings across the country of 150-250 people to the larger Sacred Sites and stages of the world where the transfer of this pure earth energy through spatial dimensions becomes the sole harmonic generators of the future. This is a gift to mankind without agenda or profit that we are proud and humble to present to the audiences of the world ready to shake off the shackles of their conformity and the rigors of their mediocre lives and embrace life in it's true form.


Growing the Experiment Exponentially


Nothing is more powerful in the marketing world than the power of word of mouth and that's exactly what we intend to put out to the universe each time we pick up our instruments and play. To have an established and professional Documentary crew on site to capture this unique generation of harmony between artist and the audience will create a very stimulating and engaging piece of language history that through my extensive list of broadcasters and distributors will see the production become a mainstay, must see destination for those looking to adopt a course of self correction in their lives. To say that this will go viral is an understatement in the most profound sense of the word as there are now millions of devoted light workers waking up each day to the possibilities of a brave new world without fear or consequence. AS the Beatles so aptly put it, "All you need is love, love is all you need"

It is our intention through our dedicated sound recordist to provide a seamless streaming of some of these sound and color experiments through our dedicated You Tube and Concert Window channels. It will be the intention to make these live performances so special and such a must see that only subscribers to the channel will be given access to the shows without charge. Those looking to just jump on the band wagon as "spiritual tourists" will be redirected to our Concert Window profile where they will be asked the option "to pay what you can" to view the shows. As this is a selfless exercise in purity and truth all proceeds received from the streaming shows will go to the preservation and expansion of the "Sacred Sites Touring Movement" across the globe to help bring the poverty of the people to an end as well as plug funding into building a larger infrastructure for the following years tours production and presentation to the people. 

Eventually we believe this concept will become a global phenomenon and thus change the way that the average person looks and views the properties of music, water and the power of attraction as a genuine, scientifically proven alternative to the way life is led today. With that will come all forms of media including, vinyl releases, healing CD''s and DVD's, Instructional empowerment techniques, Sonic vibration and it's language, books, films, television and online media in all it's forms with a genuine non profit established for the disbursements of said revenue to areas of the community that need it the most to generate Eco friendly societies, Ubuntu led communities and sustainable projects as GMO free food production, purified water development and other important community development programs for the betterment of humanity on the planet.

Below is a list of dates and places of sacred interest across South Africa that Transference recently performed at to amplify the ancient song-lines of the country. Om Shanti



Hosted by The Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa

Sunpath Tours NPO & Ubuntu



The band feature a wide array of talents and performance experience to create a well rounded and highly engaging musical carousel of carnival sounds, psychedelic visuals and a deeper penetration into the psyche for those searching for more. To say this band is just experimental is too naïve. As strange as the set up seems to be, each element of the performance is meticulously planned to ensure that while there is cohesion, the mileposts offered are only designed as reference points to allow the band the free form expression they need without being over indulgent. In the purest form Michael A Puskas is Transference and the constant revolving door of musicians support his vision for a brighter and more spiritual future. To list all the participants over the last 3 years would be to numerous to mention that the main collaborators on the project have been with great respect and admiration, Steven Harris, Elijah Kuttiken, Ryan Kelly and Loughlin Harrick. To experience some of our legacy and where the media has acknowledged us please visit the links below.
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We humbly ask mother universe for clarity in our lives. For clarity brings memory and memory brings truth and truth manifested leads to a purer and more balanced life in this earthly plain”

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